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About Essence of Refuge

Many years ago, as we were trying to complete climbing a route in the alps, the weather turned and we were forced down. Half way down the face of that mountain we found a refuge, a shelter that is common in the alps, a cabin that welcomes climbers, skiers, and hikers. It was clear we couldn’t go down all the way, so we took shelter there. The weather forced us to stay for 2 days.

Inside the rustic and minimal cabin, there were only the essentials. A firewood stove to provide warmth and to cook, two bunk beds with worn mattresses, a simple wooden table and chairs, and a collection of pans, pots, and other items to cook and sustain life.

I wanted to capture that essence, what I experienced in that cabin, and translate that into free form posts, some short, almost like Haiku poems, others longer and with images. The idea is to find again that sense of solitude and peace, in everything we do.

"The best thinking has been done in solitude."

  — Thomas A. Edison

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