Essence of Refuge


At first light, it begins. Hard work.

Effort pushing to the unknown. Legs and lungs burning. Hands filled with pins and needles, in constant motion. A majestic sunrise. But work and inward thoughts still await. The wind to a side. A constant companion whispering, urging the retreat. Will the mountain allow safe passage?

For now, Rest. Find the quiet. Inside.

The time comes. Hard work. A pack too heavy. Straps biting down. Light is fast, but what about safety? Speed is safety. Why carry so much? Moving fluidly. It needs to pay off. It needs to happen. Push forward.

Early morning becoming a full day. Blue sky, grey shadows. The mountain doesn’t deliver. Not this time. Safe passage is not to be had.


Safety is there. Know when to push, risk, go… Know when to be patient. Beginning, a full circle. Beginning, this time, is to retreat. To survive. To seek refuge. For the time being.

Down, below, half way. Warmth awaits.

the beginning