Essence of Refuge


Don't create chaos, but embrace it.

Chaos is the natural state of all. Chaos is where nature tends to go. The more we try to tame chaos, the more chaos grows. So, embrace it instead. This doesn’t mean noise, mess, or lack of a plan, but rather a natural flow of things, where you can use chaos in order to achieve a sense of calm.

Life is a constant collection of risk assessments and decisions. On and on we go trying to make the call based on what we know, or think we know. These decisions are often rooted in trying to create order out of the natural chaos that life is. But, if we remove unimportant details, distill complex situations to their essence, and focus on making a call that is based on the information given to you here and now, then maybe chaos can be that ally that gives you the right information at the right time, constantly.

Embrace the dynamics of the world. Chaos rules, don’t fight it, learn to surf its wave.