Essence of Refuge

Stillness in the Alps

The wind suddenly stopped. One of those rare moments where the only sounds were those of our own breathing and steps in the snow, as we methodically worked our way up.

Refugio Frey

The sky was blue, and the contrast against the sharp rock and ice, combined with the sudden calm, was overwhelming. Both beauty and dread at the same time. Something was either very good, or horribly bad. We couldn’t tell.

Yet, at that moment, stillness was everything. It gave us the calm and power for push harder. The amazing beauty of high alpine environments, completely in focus, embracing us.

The moment, though, was short lived. As it is customary, after good weather, something must happen. After summiting, the weather turned, and the way down was a white ball.

Refugio Frey

Stillness remained. After having seen and experienced the beauty of stillness in the mountains, the soul is at peace. That inner quiet endured in us on the way down. It provided the focus to find the right route, to reach the refuge. To reach safety.

Once you know stillness it remains, within you. Search it. Whenever possible. Search it.